News & New Books

We published 3 new books in 2020: Reclaiming Our Territory, Pocket Plains Cree for Kids & Parents and Ojibwe Thesaurus.

Reclaiming Our Territory Word by Word: Grassroots Language Teaching compiles 40 plus years of Ojibwe language teaching and advocacy by Patricia Ningewance. This is a guide for fluent language speakers to teach their language with games, activities and individual lessons. No teaching experience or knowledge of grammar is necessary. It’s packed full of great ideas for passing on Indigenous languages. $20 each plus shipping.

Pocket Plains Cree for Kids and Parents follows the structure of Pocket Ojibwe for Kids and Parents but is translated into Plains Cree by Solomon Ratt. It has illustrations, great vocabulary and phrases so parents and children can learn together. $20 plus shipping.

Ojibwe Thesaurus is written and compiled by Patricia Ningewance with introduction by grandson Aandeg Muldrew. This book has multiple words for the same root word, so you can expand your Ojibwe vocabulary. $22 plus shipping.