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pat ningewanceABOUT THE AUTHOR

Patricia M. Ningewance is Ojibwe from Lac Seul First Nation in northwestern Ontario. She has traveled throughout Anishinaabe country where Ojibwe is spoken. She has previously written two language books: “Survival Ojibwe” (now in revised reprint) and “Anishinaabemodaa: Becoming a Successful Ojibwe Eavesdropper”. She has 30 years of experience in language teaching, translation and media work.

My Own Background

Pat Ningewance is Ojibwe, born and raised at Obizhigokaang (Lac Seul) in northwestern Ontario. Her Ojibwe name is Waabi-bizhikiikwe. Her father’s name was Endaso-giizhig but he was known as Endasoo. His family called him Enchashoo. He was Bear clan, and therefore his children were all Bear clan as well. His parents were Henry and Margaret Ningewance. Pat’s mother’s name was Christie, Ikwezens in Ojibwe, and she was of the Moose clan. Pat  released Gii-Nitaa-Aadisooke: Ojibwe Legends from Lac Seul (2018) which includes 18 legends Christie told her family (written in Ojibwe and English).  Her parents were Samuel and Maggie Lac Seul of Frenchman’s Head. Pat’s family lived in Hudson where they went to public school near the reserve.

Pat’s paternal grandmother, Maaganad (Margaret Ningewance) lived with them and used to play word games and riddles with her grandchildren in Ojibwe. She was bilingual and she taught the value and power of knowing another language. She is the “Gookom” that this book is dedicated to.

“This is a very practical and comprehensive book that can help our Anishinaabe youth and “60’s Scoop” adults relearn their language and begin their journey “back home” wherever they are. Let us indeed honour our ancestors by keeping the language they left behind for us to speak.”

– Phil Fontaine, National Chief, Assembly of First Nations, Canada

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