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Order Form for Mazinaate, 2021

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ItemISBN #AuthorPriceQuantityTotal
Ojibwe Thesaurus9781777060923Pat Ningewance22.00  
Reclaiming Our Territory, Word by Word: Grassroots Language Teaching9781777060909Pat Ningewance20.00  
Gookom’s Language (textbook)97809939663-47Pat Ningewance30.00  
Talking Gookom’s Language Workbook with CD97809939663-16Pat Ningewance20.00  
Survival Ojibwe (textbook)97809939-66330Pat Ningewance30.00  
Gii-Nitaa-Aadisooke: Ojibwe Legends from Lac Seul97809939-66385 20.00  
Pocket Ojibwe97809939-66354Pat Ningewance20.00  
Pocket Cree97809697-82674Ken Paupanekis20.00  
Pocket Inuktitut97809697-82661Martha Peet20.00  
Pocket Dene97809697-82612Cheryl Herman20.00  
Pocket Oji-Cree97809939-66323Jerry Sawanas20.00  
Pocket Ojibwe for Kids & Parents9780993-966378T. Greyeyes/M. Linklater20.00  
Pocket Plains Cree for Kids & Parents97817770-60916Solomon Ratt20.00  
Word Racing: Games to Play at Language Camps97809697-82681Pat Ningewance20.00  
Ojibwe Glossary for “Gaawiin Mawisiiwag Anishinaabeg: Indians Don’t Cry” by George Kenny9709939-66309Compiled by Pat Ningewance10.00  
Biindigen (Ojibwe Music CD, Ojibwe lyrics with English translation)7738650-03539Pat Ningewance15.00  
Poster: Anishinaabemowinidaa! Preserve Native Language Traditions Percy Ningewance5.00  
Adik: Caribou Print (7”X10”) Pat Ningewance5.00  
Giigoo: Fish Print (7”X10”) Pat Ningewance5.00  
Makwa: Bear Print (7”X10”) Pat Ningewance5.00  
Niizh Giigoowag: Two Fish Card Pat Ningewance4.00  
Ode’imini-waabigwan: Heart-Berry Flower Card Pat Ningewance4.00  
Ikwe: Blue Woman Postcard Pat Ningewance3.00  

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