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Pocket Ojibwe: A Phrasebook for Nearly All Occasions

By: Patricia M. Ningewance. Purchase this paperback book from Amazon today and have it shipped within 1-2 weeks. For more information, use contact form or visit our Amazon seller store for more publications.  Pocket Ojibwe includes sections on how to speak Ojibwe at Airports, Ceremonies, Bus Depots, Bush Trails, Conferences, Hospitals and on the Rez.  Also has Ojibwe Place Names and Glossary.  Mazinaate also sells Pocket Cree, Pocket Oji-Cree, Pocket Dene and Pocket Inuktitut.  New CDN$20 plus shipping.                                                  

Gookom’s Language: Learning Ojibwe

(View amazon detail page) by Patricia M. Ningewance.  This text book includes 28 lessons with pronunciation guide, grammar, vocabulary, dialogue, short stories with translation, place names and extensive 2-way glossary (English to Ojibwe and Ojibwe to Cree).   The Workbook and CD (next) have exercises to go along with this text book. New CDN $40 plus shipping.


Workbook and CD to accompany Talking Gookom’s Language: Learning Ojibwe

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by Patricia M. Ningewance.  Includes Exercises to accompany Gookom’s Language textbook, and CD with dialogues and pronunciation.

 New  CDN$30.00 +  shipping

Pocket Cree: A Phrasebook for Nearly All Occasions

(View amazon detail page) By Kenneth Paupanekis

A Phrasebook in the same style as Pocket Ojibwe, with chapters on what to say when visiting Swampy Cree people in Communities, at Airports, Conferences, Hospitals, in Courts, Cities, Stores and in Nature. Includes Glossary.  New CDN $20 plus shipping.