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About Mazinaate

Mazinaate Inc. publishes Indigenous language books, CDs and cards by Mazinaate founder/writer and artist Patricia Ningewance Nadeau and other Indigenous language speakers.  Patricia writes Ojibwe or Anishinaabemowin language learning material and has had Pocket Ojibwe translated into Cree, Oji-Cree, Inuktitut, and Dene for language learning. Mazinaate is an Ojibwe or Anishinaabemowin word which means the light you see when there are shadows.  Our aim is to help maintain and spread the use of Indigenous languages and culture throughout Turtle Island.  Languages are integral to keep community and cultural understanding alive and well.  Language connects us to the land, our history and our spirit. Mazinaate’s founder, Patricia Ningewance Nadeau, has over 30 years experience in language teaching, translation and media work. She is from Lac Seul First Nation in northwestern Ontario.  Her techniques are included in Gookom’s Language, Talking Gookom’s Language Workbook and Survival Ojibwe.  The Pocket Books are handy ways to get interested in a language and have access to key phrases and glossaries of common words. Mazinaate publishes Pocket Ojibwe, Pocket Cree, Pocket Oji-Cree, Pocket Inuktitut and Pocket Dene.  The Ojibwe language is also known as Saulteaux, Chippewa and in the Ojibwe language: Anishinaabemowin.  It is still spoken in central North America around the Great Lakes.

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