Gookom’s Language: Learning Ojibwe


Learning Ojibwe by Patricia Ningewance (357 pages)


Gookom’s Language: Learning Ojibwe. Using this textbook, you can learn to speak Ojibwe, each lesson has vocabulary, dialogues and grammatical explanations.  Short stories are added in later lessons.  At the back of the book is a two-way glossary which contains useful vocabulary and place-names from Canada and the United States. Patricia Ningewance has been teaching Ojibwe for over 40 years and includes her successful learning style in this book. Ms. Ningewance won the Order of Canada in 2023 for her language reclamation work.

This textbook also has a companion: Talking Gookom’s Language Workbook and CD, which can be bought separately, to do exercises for the first 7 chapters.

2nd Edition 2024


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