Reclaiming Our Territory, Word by Word


Grassroots Language Teaching by Patricia Ningewance

This book can be used by a fluent speaker with no teaching experience.  It is set up to pass on oral skills so the fluent speaker doesn’t have to worry about spelling or grammar.  Lots of activities and a logical flow of teaching is included to pass on conversational skills (198 pages) .


Grassroots Language Teaching

This book of lesson plans is designed to help anyone who is fluent to teach family and friends to learn oral language in an informal setting.  There are language teaching ideas and games that could be used for any language. You don’t have to know the grammar to use this book.  You just need a large room with a big table, chairs, hard paper, markers and food.  Fluent language speakers may be gone in 20 years so we must teach the language to the next generation.  The young people are learning their languages to gain a sense of identity and a link to their family and community.  Our languages contain our unique worldview and our connection to the earth.  Our languages must survive.



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